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    Single Axis Current/Voltage Tilt Sensor Inclinometer
    Product Model : ZCT1XXK-LPS-X64
    Measuring Range : ±15 ° ( ±90 °)
    Output : Current(0~20mA)
    Power: Voltage(9~32V)
    Resolution : 0.01°
    Non Linearity : ±0.2 %/FS
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP67

    ZCT1XXK-LPS-X64 is a single-axis high-precision current-mode inclination sensor developed by Shanghai Tianchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The analog current output of 4~20mA is based on the standard three-wire system. It has strong anti-interference characteristics and is suitable for long-distance signal transmission.

    Product features:

    All industrial devices have stable and reliable performance.

    Shock resistance, vibration resistance

    Strong aluminum alloy shell, protective grade IP67

    Product applications:

    Construction machinery, construction vehicles

    Safety control, tilt monitoring

    Technical Parameters:

    ZCT1XXK-LMS-X64 Technical specificationroom environment 25℃)(ZCT1XXK-LPS-X64 is current output instead of the voltage output, other parameters are same with ZCT1XXK-LMS-X64)

      Parameter Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
    Electronic specification Supply voltage①   9   32 V(DC)
    Quiescent current When supply is 24V   30 40 mA
    Operating temperature   -40   85
    Performance specification Measuring range② ZCT100K-LMS-64 0   90 °
    ZCT1C0K-LMS-64 -15   105 °
    ZCT1F0K-LMS-64 -90   100 °
    ZCT1K0K-LMS-64 -90   90 °
    ZCT1360K-LMS-64 0   360 °
    Resolution     0.01   °
    Non-linearity③     ±0.2   %/FS
    Sensitivity ZCT100K-LMS-64   55.56   mV/°
    ZCT1C0K-LMS-64   47.6   mV/°
    ZCT1F0K-LMS-64   50   mV /°
    ZCT1K0K-LMS-64   55.5   mV /°
    ZCT1360K-LMS-64   13.9   mV /°
    Zero temperature drift -40~+85℃   ±0.008   °/℃
        ±0.86 °
    Load resistance VCC=24V     600 Ω
    others Size     84*55*37   mm
    Cable length④   5.9 6 6.1 m


    ① In normal operation state, make sure the supply voltage is in the allowable range, and 24Vol is introduced.

    ② The inclinometer should be installed vertically.

    ③ Non-linearity means the deviation between output curve and the best fitting line in the measuring range.

    ④ Default cable length is 6m. Please let us know if you need other length.

    Output features



    Relevant relationship of tilt angle and output voltage (theory value)

    Angle =V out / sensitivity

    Size unit:mm)


    Installation and connection diagram

    About mount methods,please refer to the following. If the mount surface or the running surface slops, there will be an error for the measuring results.


    Operating state





    Order information (Please add the cable length,default is 6m

     ZCT100K-LMS-64      measuring range  090 deg; 

     ZCT1C0K-LMS-64      measuring range  15105 deg

     ZCT1K0K-LMS-64      measuring range  -90~90 deg

     ZCT1F0K-LMS-64      measuring range   -90100 deg

     ZCT1360K-LMS-64      measuring range   0360 deg


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