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    LoRa Inclinometer Sensor Gateway
    Product Model : ZCT600ML-GW
    Output : LoRa
    Power: Voltage(8~30V)
    Accuracy : 0.01°-0.09°
    Application : Internet of Things
    IP Degree : IP65
    Temperature : -20℃ ~ +60℃
    Shell Size : 123 * 120 * 50 mm
    Other Parameter : 8G MicroSD

    ZCT600ML-GW wireless LoRa gateway is a gateway based on LoRa wireless transmission technology developed and produced by Nagawa Science and Technology. The gateway can automatically collect and save the inclination sensor data of nodes in the network, and can communicate with PC or other host by Modbus or ASCII code. It can collect and store data independently. It greatly facilitates the installation of various small wireless LoRa monitoring systems.

    Product Application: Palace Museum of Ancient Architecture, Huai'an Town, Jiangsu Province, Huai Lou Monitoring, Metro Construction, Fuquan Mountain Site, Yueyang Tower of Ancient Architecture, St. Mary's Church, Dangerous House Monitoring of Hexi District, Tianjin

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