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    Single Axis Tilt Sensor voltage output
    Product Model : ZCT210M-LNS-90
    Measuring Range : ±10 °
    Output : Voltage
    Power: Voltage(8~30V)
    Accuracy : 0.01°-0.09°
    Non Linearity : ±0.2 %/FS
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP68
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

    ZCT210M-LNS-90 is researched and produced by ZC Sensor. The measuring range is from -10° to 10°, with an analog voltage output of 0.5-4.5V.


    High accuracy; Cost-effective; Protection grade: IP68(4 hours in depth of 4meters water)


    Construction machinery, Industrial automation, Angle measurement, Forestry machinery

    Technical Parameters:

    Technical specification (room environment 25℃)

    Item Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
    Electronic specification Supply voltage 8 12 30 V(DC)
    Operating current VCC=12V/no load 6 10 mA
    Operating temperature -40 +85
    Performance specification Measuring range 2-axis -10 10 °
    Sensitivity① 196 200 204 mV/°
    Non-linearity② ±0.2 %/FS
    Response frequency 3 Hz
    Zero output Voltage type 2.5 V
    Zero temperature drift -40~+85℃ ±0.008 °/℃
    Others Size 72*72*45 mm
    Cable length 4.9 5 5.1 m

    Remark①:sensitivity’s definition is (take I for example):Vsens ={Vout(@10°)-Vout(@-10°)}/{20°}[V/°]

    Remark②:the deviation between the output line and the best fitting line in the measuring range.


    Use method

    Characteristics of angle and output voltage:


    Transform relation: angle =(Vout-2.5V)/0.2V


    Size and wire connection(unit:mm)


    Wire connection:

    Red        Power VCD

    Black       Power GND

    Yellow      Xout

    Blue        Yout


    NOTE: Don’t connect the power wires with the output wire.

    X+ means the direction of X increasing; Y+ means the direction of Y increases.

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