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    Dummy inclinometer Probe
    Product Model : ZCT-CX03-SKQ
    Measuring Range : ±30 °
    Output : RS485
    Measuring Axis : Dual Axis
    Resolution : 0.001°
    Application : Geo/Structural Monitoring
    IP Degree : IP68
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Shell Size : Φ 25 * 758 mm

    The inclinometer hole tester is used to detect the side inclined pipe to ensure unobstructed measurement of the inclined pipe.

    Before you use inclinometer to do monitoring, please make sure the inclinometer casing is unobstructed. How to check whether the inclinometer casing is unobstructed?

    ZC sensor designed a spiral inclinometer probe. The material, weight and outlook of spiral inclinometer probe are same to the true inclinometer probe. Operator can use the spiral inclinometer probe to check the inclinometer casing firstly. If the inclinometer casing was unobstructed, operator can begin his or her monitoring work.


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